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Afrikiko was founded by four young Kenyan and German friends, with the primary objective of promoting new, innovative Kenyan deco products in the international market.

The following aspects were particularly important to us:

  • Creation of long-term partnerships and fair business relations to our producers, customers and suppliers.
  • Promotion of the rural development in Kenya.
  • Initiation of social security systems (e.g. health insurance, savings accounts etc.)

In order to achieve these goals the company has continuously made enhancements and improvements in the following fields:

In order to secure the quality standard, Afrikiko pays its producers on average up to 35% above the prevailing local market prices. Besides we grant interest-free loans to our producers so that they can improve their workshops and their working environments.

To date Afrikiko has 12 permanently employed members of staff in Nairobi specializing in production and logistics. Afrikiko has over 500 producers and suppliers spread around Kenya (and indeed around the world as we source some components e.g. dyes and pigments, key rings, sand paper etc. from Europe and Asia).

Our sales and marketing team in Berlin, Germany is made up of 5 permanent employees. This team specializes in customer relations management and is the link between the Kenyan team and the customer.

We are very proud of the fact that Afrikiko has made great achievements without any support from donations or any kind of grants from NGOs or governments. The success of Afrikiko is based purely on the appealing nature of our product variety and quality, the pricing structure, the reliable supply chain and the excellent customer and supplier relations management.

If you still have a need for more information about Afrikiko please feel free to drop us a call or email and we will be very glad to tell you more about the success story “Afrikiko”.

Afrikiko Team!!!